Sep 7, 2010

Super Heroes and ...

HERO HOPE Yesterday the gals over at Real Housewives of Oklahoma asked what Super Hero would you choose to be?

 "Hero Hope" although she's not Jesus, nor an Angel, she has a similar resume. 
Hope is known for restoring light to those when their light seems dim. Diseases, sickness, and pain are unbearable for her to see, when she is near them, they all disappear. Her cousins names are Love and Faith. Together the 3 are an unbreakable force to reckon with! 
Hope can lift your spirits, help you find the right path, restore broken dreams, remove seeds of doubt, and more importantly, when she's in the presence of young children they are drawn to her.  Children with special needs are given the confidence, courage, and tools they need to succeed in this world which seems scary to them.  I wish I were Hope, but until that fantasy comes true, I will hold on to the possibilities of Hope.