Aug 30, 2010

Hurry Sickness

Yesterday was Part 2 - Homewreckers Series

Hurry sickness - a continuous struggle to achieve more and more things in less and less time. 
Words & scriptures that challenged my heart from the sermon yesterday;
Luke 10:42 Mary stayed in the moment, chose what is better. Martha was worried and upset about many things. Ever get this way before guests arrive, Frazzled? Especially when you seem to be the only one who seems to care, what the house looks like. Finally, I learned to ask for help.  Do you Hurry before school, before appointments, before church, constantly running, hurrying and always going? 
Our choices lead to Hurry Sickness, aka "Frantic" "Busy" or "Rushed".  Wait, did you catch that our choices, my choices, your choices, we create our own crazy chaos sometimes.
MY PRIORITIES determine MY CALENDAR - Convicting! I have learned to say No lately, I've had to, for my health, husband, and sanity.
We are ALL given and equal 24 hours each day and we choose how to spend our time. I've felt before like my kids activities and appointments set my schedule. I need to make sure I show them God comes 1st, and I'm the parent and I will teach them to balance and manage their time, making sure God isn't pushed aside. With sports, cub scouts, church, life group, homework, meetings, etc. its soo easy to fall into HURRY sickness and very easy to be distracted from what's most important. 
Back to the Martha story, Sadly, I have known more women admit to being a Martha, in fact... I don't know anyone who has shared they feel like they imitate Mary. Hmm....
Matthew 6:33  God calls us to seek first his kingdom...
3 ways to combat Hurry Sickness:

  • Stay in the Moment
  • Own your Choices.
  • Set unchanging Priorities
Hopefully, you're thinking about your calendar, what does it show is most important to you?
Last week I committed to:

I have been tempted to fall into discouragement from sickness and other negative circumstances, yet, God shows me he's faithful and praiseworthy every day. 
I promised my Husband to save some energy for him at the end of the day. This sermon was a great reminder, enforcer, & encouragement to me, and will help me with my schedule this week.