Apr 26, 2010

RHOK: What did you learn as a newlywed?

"I'm buying you guys a fire extinguisher for a wedding present" the leader announced to all the engaged couples in our pre-marriage class:) Kyle was 29, I was 27, so.... maybe we were both independent, domineering, & a little selfish! lol  We dated 3 yrs & were friends 1st. I laughed at the comment. ( inside it bothered me a little)   
Lessons:#1  Starting with the Wedding - Take ALL pictures before, let the photographer take the rest during the ceremony. Half our friends left the reception tired of waiting for us.
#2 - Do research about the airport, driving laws, etc. for you honeymoon destination. We landed in Jamaica, the airport is literally a TIN shack! Jamaicans drive like Nascar racers on the wrong side of the road (well from us).
#3- Learned no island is private unless you're Richard Branson. Still imprinted in our minds 20 yrs later, ....10 senior citizen couples naked, male guts protruding, boobs sagging low, things hanging to & fro. "Come on over & enjoy a beer with us, they all shouted"! A big NO thank you, we responded hardly able contain our amusement!!!
#4 How to survive 2 people sleeping on a waterbed. After sea sickness each time He rolled over,
the bed, which I so enjoyed, afterall waterbeds were a hot item, bed HAD to go, not him:)!
#5 I learned to hold all "gas" (not car fuel) in, always shut the bathroom door, and a rule established quickly, peck kissing until teeth brushing!
#6 We both learned how selfish we were. We did a good job at compromising, after all I did say I would be the submissive wive in my wedding vows:)
#7 If you leave the room when you're mad, (conflict avoider) that doesn't work for someone who has to talk it out now, no waiting for space.
#8 We had so much FUN. We lived in Broomfield, Colorado, worked in Boulder. We biked, jogged, spent weekends hiking mountains and camping. Wined & Dined.
#9 We never learned to stop spending money, and what was saving?
#10 We were blessed the first year, our 3rd yr was rough. We have made it 21 years now.