Mar 21, 2012

Remembered the Blog World

I love Pinterest, and yesterday I found a fitness blog that I wanted to follow, which triggered a vague memory that once upon a time I jabbered daily on a blog, so I decided to resurrect mine from its death. 

Lots happened during this past year with many blessing to show, a few more wrinkles & investments increasing in Loreal.  I really missed reading others blogs.  It amazes me how creative women are, and I'm always leaving the blog world with new ideas to implement or conviction leading me to make changes. 

I can't wait to catch up on what others have been doing. Its spring break here and its been raining the past 3 days, which is making our stay-cation more challenging.  

We took in a movie, "Journey 2" pretty good, not worth $26 & that's matinee prices, CRAZY!   We devoured Red Lobster cheesy-garlic rolls, then after stuffing our entrees down, we waddled to Cherry Berry.  

My husband and I are NOT "Mall shoppers"  but.... we sacrificed ourselves for the children's sake, and our sanity.  We gave each child $25 and made them promise to shop around before spending it, and one other rule, it could not be at Game Stop on electronic games.  Only half the town had the same idea to hit the mall, but the kids were ready to go after an hour, thank goodness, and we hit a few other places and later Mazzio's buffet.  

I didn't have any trouble making it to my exercise class this morning, but I would need to go everyday for a week to burn off my food intake the past 2 days. 

Now its time to shut up and read your blogs!  

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