Jul 10, 2010

He knows better, a Mom's cry out

He knows better,” I cry out, “He knows!”
Why he is choosing this path that surely leads away from our Jesus?
He knows what’s right and what’s wrong! We taught him.
Were we perfect? Surly not, but we showed him the Way. We fed him the Truth.
Icry out to God, “He knows! Why is he doing this?!”
I think I hear a still small voice inside asking me,
“Does he know? Does he really know?
He knows in his head what is right.
Yes, you did teach him, but does he know for himself?
Maybe the question is, dear mama, do you know?
Do you know that I am the Great I AM?
Do you know I created him for Myself?
Do you know that I hold all things together?
Do you know that no plan or purpose of Mine can be thwarted?
Do you know that I love him more the you ever could?
Do you know that I knit him together in your womb, that I saw his unformed body,
and all of his days were written in My book?
Do you know that just as you are, he is the apple of My eye?
His name is carved in the palm of My hands?
Do you know, mama, that I am God and there is no one else;
I am God and there is none like Me?
I declare the end from the beginning.
My counsel shall stand, and I will do My pleasure and purpose.
Do you know that I have plans to prosper him and not harm him,
plans to give him hope and a future?
You have no need to fret. I will pour My spirit upon your offspring.
My blessing upon your descendants.
I formed you and your children and your children’s children for Myself.
That they may set forth My praise and they shall do it.
He certainly knows, and he will know.
“My eye is upon him. His very life is in My hands.”

Dear mama, dry your tears, calm your heart.
Cast your sorrow, your fear, your frustrations on Me.
Let Me carry them.
Surely, you know Me.


  1. Oh wow...that is so powerful, and I needed this at this exact moment. Thank you for posting! Beautiful!

  2. I love this. I read this not too long ago on another site I frequent. It is such a beautiful reminder of just how much our Lord loves our children AND us. It is so hard to believe that our children could possibly be loved any more than we already love them, isn't it?

    Thanks for sharing this.


    Teresa <><

    ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥


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